Baby/Child CST Clinics

Graduates of Level 3 Training workshops have the opportunity to practice and enhance their skills through Baby/Child CST clinics. Clinics are from 1-5pm, and are hosted and supervised by Ruth Shepard to ensure exceptional client care and facilitate maximum student learning.

“I’m next!” Little brother can’t wait for his turn to receive Craniosacral Therapy—he climbed up onto the table to wait his turn.

Baby/Child CST Clinics

Client Sign Up

Plan on being in the studio for 45-minutes to an hour, as it takes time to fill out paperwork, talk about what to expect, and for the student to check-in and debrief with parents and supervisor. Ideally, babies should be under 6 months of age and children should be 3 and up. Between 6 months and 3 years of age, the child may be difficult to work with for a student. It takes great practice to distract a child for CST and for the child to lie still enough to receive care for 25-30 minutes; a private appointment with Ruth may be best for the typical short attention span of this age.

Your cost is reduced to $25 a 30 minute session for participating in student clinics.

Clinics may be used to get photographs and video for marketing purposes. As a participant of our clinics, you agree to our Photograph and Video Permissions Release Policy. Please notify Ruth Shepard with any questions or concerns regarding this policy.

Clinics will be held at Sattva Health + Wellness—

2550 Youngfield St., Lakewood, Colorado 80215

2022 Clinic Dates – Client Registration

  • May 8th (Marketing Promo Clinic/Registration Fee Waived)

Student Sign Up

The time spent administering Ruth’s protocol to the clients in the clinic will be accumulated to meet the requirements for practitioner certification of the student to become a True Shepherd Practitioner. Contact Ruth Shepard for registration details and available timeslots at an upcoming clinic.