Ruth graduated from Homeopathy School International out of Boulder, CO.  She has been using Homeopathy for the treatment of her family’s common illnesses for over 20 years and decided to bring her knowledge of remedies and care to her clients by becoming a Certified Homeopath. She offers Homeoprophylaxis (HP) and Travel HP and C.E.A.S.E. Therapy, which is better known as Homeopathic Detox.

There are several options for Homeopathic care from Ruth. The best care is offered over several months to see how the remedy is working and adjust for any symptoms that might change or come forward. Often underlying conditions need to be addressed, as well, and this treatment over several months can address that.

Homeopathic services are now only via teleconference. Craniosacral therapy is still in person at the Golden, Colorado office.

Homeopathic Services:

Initiating Homeopathic Coaching, Adult. $400.00 for 4 months of coaching, starting with a 90-120 minute intake to determine a Homeopathic treatment plan. And then 3 more monthly, 30 minute, Checkins via teleconference to tweak remedy frequency or potency.

Remedies are not included in price. Remedies may be constitutional remedies, acute remedies, organ support remedies, and/or detox remedies.

Initiating Homeopathic Coaching, Child. $300.00 for 4 months of coaching, starting with a 60 minute intake and then 3 monthly30 minute Checkins via teleconference.

Homeopathic Coaching:

Once initial homeopathy coaching is established (after the first 4 months of care), a monthly membership can be obtained. This membership is like having a Certified Homeopath in your back pocket! Ruth will be available for texting, calling, emailing, or teleconferencing for any Homeopathic question that occurs. From dosing, to an acute remedy, to new symptoms that need more constitutional care, this handy homeopathic coaching helps you navigate your, and your family’s, health with an expertly trained and experienced homeopath.

Individual monthly coaching is $50/Month for Adults; and $150.00/Month for family membership. Your card is saved to process your monthly payments and you may cancel any time with 30 days advanced notice.

Homeopathy FAQs:

Homeopathy FAQs

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