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Empowering true health through non-toxic, gentle therapies, coaching and bodywork


Homeopathy coaching to help you navigate ways to support you and your family’s health through natural, non-toxic modalities.

Craniosacral Therapy

Light-touch therapy that balances the flow of Cerebral Spinal Fluid to hydrate, oxygenate and stimulate the spinal nerves.


Learn body balance and myofascial unwinding skills and techniques to support the optimal health of your family and clientele.

Private Membership Association is the website for the Private Membership Assiociation (PMA) for Ruth Shepard, CHom, CST, HP Supervisor, and Shamanic Practitioner. All of her services, classes, workshops and immersions are available in the private domain of Natural Law. For more information see our About page.


“I loved the body balance workshops! I learned so much and was able to tap into and feel my own energy field. Ruth provides specific protocol and techniques making it easy to go out and work on loved ones immediately. My family and clients love that I can share what I learned through these workshops.”

Postpartum Health Coach

“Ruth has a true gift for creating a safe space that allows my body to heal in the ways it is ready to. She taps into exactly what I need with the Craniosacral work. There have been sessions where I felt like I got 10 counseling and massages all in one. I am so grateful to have been referred to her!”


“I met with Ruth about Homeopathy because I was not able to get the help my daughter needed for her health challenges. Ruth has truly been a coach: she listens to the full picture, walks me through the remedies, and includes me in the process. It is such a relief to have a practitioner actually take the mother’s wisdom into her process. I am grateful.”


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