Workshops are offered to both families and prospective practitioners that want to learn foundational skills in Craniosacral Therapy with Myofascial Unwinding.

Students learning to release the occipital area.

Body Balancing Workshops

For over 15 years Ruth has been working with babies, children and adults offering gentle Craniosacral Therapy with Myofascial Unwinding services. This hands-on workshop is for parents and prospective practitioners who want to learn what over a decade of experience and training has taught Ruth. Level 1 of this workshop is designed to teach the basics of CST and Myofascial release for workshop graduates to administer to their children and other loved ones. Levels 2 and 3 are designed as a deeper dive for those that want to go further with their knowledge and skills. Students receive a Certificate of Completion for each level completed on the last day of class. Syllabus for Levels 1 – 3.

  • Level 1–Foundational Course (3-Day Workshop)

Myofascial release and basic craniosacral techniques are a gentle, subtle, and effective way to help heal your family. The techniques learned in the workshop help release chronic tightness, aches and pains from slips and falls, and even playground injuries. Prerequisite: None.

  • Level 2–Intra Oral Releases (1-Day Workshop)

This 1-Day workshop covers the viscero cranium. These gentle and subtle techniques can be used to mitigate pain and tension from dental work, braces, mouth guards, injury to the face or mouth, and stress that can lead to TMJ. Prerequisite: Level 1.

  • Level 3—Balancing Pregnancy and Newborns (3-Day Workshop)

Body Balancing techniques for those who work with pregnant people and babies. This level combines the techniques learned in the previous levels to help balance the pregnant woman to have a more comfortable pregnancy and labor, and after birth, to gently help mitigate the physical and emotional effects of birth on baby. Prerequisite: Levels 1 and 2.


Level 1 – $1200 ($300 deposit due immediately to hold your place)

Level 2 – $400 ($100 deposit due immediately to hold your place)

Level 3 – $1200 ($300 deposit due immediately to hold your place)

A discount of $25 can be obtained for any workshop if you bring a portable massage table for the entire workshop (limited availability).

Upcoming Body Balancing Workshops

Limited to: 10 participants total

Weekend In-State or Out of State Time: 9am-5pm each day for Weekend Session

6 Week In-State Session: 3:30pm-6:30pm every Friday for a 6 week session

Level 1 Upcoming 2023 Sessions

  • Coming Soon: email for hosting a weekend or 6 week session.

Level 2 Upcoming 2023 Sessions

  • Coming Soon

Level 3 Upcoming 2023 Sessions

  • Coming Soon

Email Ruth Shepard at with questions.

Learn Body Balancing Techniques in Your Home!
I have been training people to use craniosacral and myofascial techniques to treat their own family (and friends) to help bring their loved ones into balance.  I have had the pleasure of working with small groups—which I truly love.

Students come away from these trainings with real-life skills and knowledge to start helping their families feel better. My students tell me beautiful stories of helping relieve pain that is literally life-changing—and this is why I have always wanted to teach others these skills.

If you would like to learn these skills in your own home and can host and gather 6 to 10 of your friends for 3 days (9am-5pm each day, not overnight) you can bring these workshops to you.

1. Large open room to setup 3-5 massage tables (family/living room, studio, etc.).
2. A large TV with HDMI port for my presentation.
3. At least 6 participants paid in full 30 days before scheduled workshop start date.
4. Host has reduced fee in exchange for procuring venue and marketing the class to get a minimum of 6 participants.

3 Days of training 9am to 5pm each day
Minimum 6 participants signed up and paid in full 30 days before start date (not including Host).
Anywhere in the USA, excluding New York, California and Hawaii.

Contact me to schedule and host your Level 1 workshop.
What Workshop Students Are Saying

Ruth’s class was truly a blessing. We have helped many of our family and friends with their pain using what we learned in Ruth’s CST class. It’s quite amazing when “following” the fascia and your hand stops. It usually is an injury that happened when they were a teenager, or an accident that was 20 years ago, a surgery that was 15 years ago, and with CST your touch brings life back to that hard, wound-up fascia, and it becomes warm and alive again and begins relief for the person!

Workshop Level 1 Student