Craniosacral Therapy

Ruth works with clients of all ages to release restrictions in their Cerebrospinal fluid flow using a light-touch therapy on the cranials (head).  Ruth also incorporates Myofascial (the body’s connective tissue) Unwinding to facilitate full body releases.  These physical, mental and emotional patterns of restriction, when left un-treated, can inhibit the expression of optimal health and promote dis-ease.

“Worms will not eat living wood where the vital sap is flowing; rust will not hinder the opening of a gate when the hinges are used each day.  Movement gives health and life.  Stagnation brings disease and death.”

~Proverb in Traditional Chinese Medicine~

More About Craniosacral Therapy:

Craniosacral Therapy is a light-touch therapy that balances the flow of the Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF). This fluid flows from the head to the bottom of the spine (sacrum) and back again in a cyclical wave. The purpose of the flow of CSF is to hydrate, oxygenate and stimulate the spinal nerves.

In our lives we are constantly processing physical, chemical, emotional and energetic assaults from our environment. The CSF flow can be congested by these events. Craniosacral Therapy brings the Therapists’ skill of gentle touch to move and clean the CSF and bring the flow of fluid to balance.